Chapter Contacts

You can reach the HoTCO chapter leadership in the following ways…

Primary contacts

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Chapter Co-CoordinatorLynne Roynurselynne56 @
Chapter Co-CoordinatorKristi Michenerkristimi @ yahoo.com512-426-3205
RetreatsLisa Genungofficemgr @ consciousharmony.org512-347-9673
Newsletter ContentJan Reedjjllreed @ sbcglobal.net512-478-9387
WebsiteDan MichenerDmichener51 @ 

Service Teams

Service TeamTeam Members
Facilitators and Centering Prayer Groups
helping to stay in touch, offer support, training
Janet Crozier
Vicki Joy McClure
Beth Pierce
Lynne Roy
Clarke Robertson
Communications and Publicity
Newsletter, Website, Facebook, and
Dan Michener
Jan Reed
Kristi Michener
Commissioned Presenters 
Mentoring Presenters
Pamela Begeman
Janet Crozier
Mary Gifford
Molly Hatchell
Vicki Joy McClure
Kristi Michener
David Mikeska
Beth Pierce
Barbara Risser
Jackie Strashun
Special Events
United in Prayer, Intro Workshops, Retreats, …
Janet Crozier
Nancy Marsh
Kristi Michener
Beth Pierce
Debora Rice
Lynne Roy
12-Step OutreachEmily Haeussler
Renee Mauzy
Spanish OutreachMaru Cordero
Welcoming PrayerPamela Begeman
Pam Rossman

You can volunteer for one of these teams by emailing Lynne Roy.